Clean Makeup Sponges

How to Clean Makeup Sponges?


A few days before your big night out how to clean makeup sponges can be very important. Keeping makeup in good condition is a great way to avoid infection or allergic reactions from germs. Hold onto that fancy beauty blender sponges even after it’s been cleaned with makeup remover, eye shadow, blush, and foundation. They’ll show you how to clean makeup brushes by the most basic techniques.

To begin it all off, it’s time to get the makeup sponge ready by either soaking it in warm water or soap. If it has been soaking for a while, soak it overnight. Next, either wash it by hand using hot water and a mild soap or in a sink with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Don’t soak it longer than a half hour; if you do it more, you risk damaging the sponge’s bristles.

Sponges have very delicate bristles so don’t use harsh abrasive cleansers. Soft baby wipes can also work well, but they will definitely attract more makeup residue than regular household wipes will. For a mild soap or cleanser, try Nisim or Baby Scrub from Willem Dafoe. Willem Dafoe is the producer of Nisim which is a gentle yet effective soapy cleanser that also works as an excellent skin cleanser.

To use Nisim, pour it over your hands and mix it until it becomes a liquid. Then dip the sponges into the soapy liquid soap and wipe the bristles gently and evenly. Repeat with each sponge and keep repeating until you are left with a clean, clear surface. Do not rinse off the soap or cleanser. It will leave a residue behind, but it is not nearly as harsh as a dishwasher rinse.

You can also use a microwave to soak up your makeup sponges so that you can clean them safely and quickly. Place one damp sponge into the microwave and set it to the appropriate temperature. Leave it there for about one minute to soften the sponge and then use a clean towel to dry it off and pop it into the microwave oven.

If you want to make sure the sponge is really clean, repeat the process but instead of heating the sponge in the microwave, put it into the dishwasher. This process will ensure that the sponge is completely dried out so that it is safe to use the next day. However, it might take a few more rinses to really get it all out. The dishwasher will also help remove any excess soap left behind. As long as you follow the steps above, you should be able to successfully clean all of your face-care items in just one (not multiple) visit to the sink.