Clean Gold Jewelry

Guide How to Clean Gold Jewelry?


Many people do not understand how to clean gold jewelry. The only way that people can see your gold jewelry is when they take it off. If your jewelry has been tarnished or dirty, there is still hope. A jewelry cleanser specifically designed for gold is an effective and safe way to maintain your precious gold in top shape. Just remember to read the label carefully! This article will show you how to clean gold jewelry.

Gold is a very soft metal. As such, any abrasive substance will damage it quickly. Before you begin cleaning your gold pieces, be certain that the jewelry has completely cooled off after being stored for an extended period of time. If your jewelry is not thoroughly chilled, the delicate polishing elements may be damaged. Also, be sure that you do not place your jewelry in a bathtub or allow it to come into contact with extreme heat, such as those found in the microwave.

To begin, use a soft, dry cloth or towel to wipe the gold piece gently. Do not use coarse, metal instruments to wipe it. Use something with a soft touch so that you do not scratch the surface of the jewelry. For example, an old washcloth can be substituted for the towel. Just be certain that you rinse the cloth out after each use.

After the cloth has been soaked, apply an air dry softener. Also, be sure to apply a small amount of ammonia to the cloth. Ammonia is very effective in cleaning gold. It leaves a soft shiny shine on the cloth. However, you may need to experiment with the amount of ammonia to get the soft effect you desire.

After all of this is done, rinse the gold jewelry thoroughly under warm running water. This will remove any residue of the ammonia. Then, apply a coat of gold spray paint. This will help to give your gold jewelry a rich look.

Another option for gold cleaning solution is to simply use pure gold alcohol. You should only use a small amount of alcohol; however, make sure that you thoroughly dry the cloth before putting it away. If you do not have a pure gold alcohol cloth, try using some white vinegar. The idea is to give it a couple of minutes to soak up all of the remaining dirt and debris from your jewelry before placing it away.