I thought it has been a while now since I last shared a diary type post from my day-to-day life… not to say that my life is particular interesting, but sometimes it can be quite hectic trying to fit in taking a degree in Norway but working full time in The UK. The combination of things being hectic and me being quite clumsy and unlucky at times can make my days pretty comical, and therefor worth writing about – or not? I’ll leave you to be the judge of that.

So let me tell you about some of my days during the week of Valentines Day. I’m currently doing my very last module at my Norwegian University before finally finishing my degree in economics. This semester I have had some mandatory group work, and I have had to go over to Bergen to present my work in front of the class. My first presentation was on the 13th of February, so I started this week of by flying over to Bergen on Monday night. It has been snowing like mad in Norway over the last couple of weeks, which has messed up the flight traffic quite a bit. This meant that y flight was hours delayed, and I didn’t land until 2am in the morning. So there I was outside the airport in the middle of the night, absolutely freezing and covered in snow having missed all the last trains and busses going into town where I was staying. So my only option was to get a taxi. This is something you never do in Norway unless you are unbelievably wealthy, as taxi rides in Norway is a massive rip off. I was in the taxi for about 15 minutes, and it came to £90 (!!!). So that was an excellent start to my week. However, once I finally arrived at my brother’s apartment I was quickly put back into a good mood. You see I was met by a 14 week old, and incredibly cute, Pomchi puppy. And who doesn’t just feel happy and bubbly inside when hanging out with a puppy :)

Leo - the 14 month old puppy <3

Leo - the 14 month old puppy <3

The following day my group and I held our presentation, which went pretty well, and afterwards I had dinner with a good friend of mine before going back to the puppy <3 The sun was shingling and it was a lovely day :)  By the time I went to bed though, the weather was getting pretty awful and we saw on the weather forecast that there would be a big snowstorm all night long. This was not ideal news for me, as I was flying to Manchester via Oslo at 8am the next morning. It was very important that I got to Manchester that Wednesday (Valentines Day), because I had a photo shoot the next day and this flight from Oslo was the only flight to Manchester from Norway for the rest of that week!! And after braving the storm and I got back to Bergen airport, yet again completely covered in snow – just to find that every single flight so far that morning had been cancelled. And there was complete chaos at the departure hall. Yay! Luckily for m though, they had just opened the runways again after scuffing away snow for hours, and my flight was the first one that day not to be cancelled. However it was an hour delayed, which meant that I only had abut 15 minutes to change over from this flight to my next one to Manchester once arriving in Oslo. Everyone kept telling me that there was no way I would ever make it as my first flight was landing at pretty much the other end of the airport to where my next gate was (just my luck of course). But I don’t give up that easily – I was adamant that I would make my second flight, and when we finally landed I sprinted like a lunatic through Oslo airport, taking absolutely no passengers. By some miracle I made it to my Manchester gate just as they were closing it, completely out of breath of course, but I made it! I realise that my stamina is terrible as my lungs were in agony after that sprint, and I spent the whole 2 hours flight to Manchester coughing and wheezing trying to recover.

I finally made it to Manchester where my boyfriend, Ben, was waiting for me at the airport. By a complete coincident he happened to be there on tour for that exact week. We ended up going out for a lovely Valentines lunch at a Restaurant called Albert Schloss, before Ben had to go and do his show. I went to have a pedicure as this was requested from me for my job next day where I would be wearing lots of open toe sandals etc. (nice perk of the job I know). Once I got back to the hotel I suddenly started to feel awful, and by about 9pm I was throwing up none stop. It seemed that I had been food poisoned at some point during my trip to Norway. I mean, it’s never a nice feeling being sick – but after being up from 5.30am having gone through everything with those flight and the storm etc., being sick like that just completely broke me and I spent all night feeling ill. So Valentine Day 2018 ended up being one of the longest days I’ve ever had. The next morning I had to go to my shoot, stilling feeling terrible and not able to eat. Luckily I had worked with this client and team before, so I hopefully they know that I’m usually a lot more energetic and happy than I was on this particular day. I mean, you don’t exactly feel like you look your best when dealing with food poisoning and having been up all night throwing up. And there I was in front of the camera having to try and look my best and do their products justice. It took everything I had to pull myself together enough to make that day work and be able to do my job properly. All that was going through my mind was: don’t puke, don’t puke, don’t puke. Luckily for me, and everyone else I that set, I managed to get through the whole day without throwing up. Not eating or sleeping for over 24 hours makes you quite faint though, so this was a tough day for me – probably the hardest day I have ever had on a shoot. Sorry, I’m really moaning here now. Please let me also point out that the whole team on this shoot were super lovely, and if it weren’t for the fact that I was feeling the way I was then I would have had a fantastic day at work. I do also think that we ended up getting some nice photos though despite my terrible state and it was manageable to get through the day despite feeling awful. So I guess for me it was a life lesson that I will bring on with me, that you I am actually able to pull myself together enough to do what’s expected of me even under bad circumstances. Of course if I had the opportunity to stay at home in bed I totally would, because ultimately the best thing for our health is to rest when feeling unwell.


I shot again with the same brand the following day in Sheffield, feeling a million times better after a 11 hour sleep and a bit of solid food. So we ended the job in good spirit :) When I got back to London that Friday night though, I felt like I had been away for 2 weeks rather than just 4 days.

Ok so this ended up being more of a ‘complaints from Sara’ kind of post rather than something funny to read - my apologies for that. However it’s a little insight to my life at the moment desperately trying to juggle finishing off my education with being a full time model (and blogger). Maybe me getting ill like that is a sign from my body that it’s time to slow down for a bit and give my self a bit of a rest. Who knows!?