It is the 31st of July today, and we are very sad to be leaving probably the nicest most summery month of the year behind us. Another thing which is pretty sad about today, is that we are now saying goodbye to our most recent guest blogger, Elle Dowling. 

Elle has given us some great beauty inspiration during our time with us, and has shared some of her very best hair and makeup tips here on the blog. Find links to her Elle's previous beauty-entries at the bottom of this post, if you haven't had a chance to read them yet. 

We have asked Elle some questions about her job as a model, her thoughts on this profession, as well as some other things we thought you might find interesting :) Fin the Q&A with Elle a bit furter down in this post. 

All that is left for us to do now is to give a big thanks to Elle for joining us throughout July, and wish her all the best with her upcoming projects. We are very much looking forward to keep following Elle's work, and see all of the stunning campaigns which we are sure will keep coming her way! xx


 Elle Dowling for Vogue Italia

Elle Dowling for Vogue Italia

 Photo by Hanna Hillier

Photo by Hanna Hillier

 Elle Dowling for Oob Magazine

Elle Dowling for Oob Magazine


- When and why did you start modeling? 

Totally by mistake! A friend of mine was a photographer whilst I was studying economics and sent off some photos to an agency. They called me but I assumed it was a scam... luckily it all worked out!


- What is the most fun job you have ever done?

There are so many funny memories! Recently I did a job with Rankin where I was nude and had a snake crawling over me.. it kept trying to run away!


- What in your opinion is the best thing about being a model?

The opportunity to travel and meet amazing people.


- And the worst thing?

A lot of waiting around and not being able to plan anything in advance… but the pros outweigh the cons!


- You are mainly based in London, but spend quite a lot of time over in Paris for work. Which city do you prefer working in? 

Both are so different! I do like the French way of having a glass of wine at lunch in between shooting…


- Any idea which profession you would like to pursue if you weren't modeling? 

I think I will follow my economics background and go back into finance, or start my own company. But if i didn't have to make money I would probably start a whippet rescue charity!