THE 4 OF US is a lifestyle blog run by three European models and friends, all based in London - Annabell, Sara and Zsanett. Annabell grew up in Germany, Zsanett in Hungary, and Sara in Norway. The girls have all been in the modelling industry for some time and have done many high profile campaigns, editorials, and TV commercials. This includes the likes of L'Oréal, Headmasters UK, Clinique, Joma Jewellery, Adidas, Coca Cola, Wella, GHD, Revlon, Marie Claire, Vogue, Rimmel London, Lexus, and Links of London.

Annabell, Sara and Zsanett decided to join forces and share experiences from the modelling profession, as well as sharing about their lives in London. Being models, appearance and a healthy lifestyle are of the utmost importance, and is naturally one of the key focus points for


As the girls are all models sometimes they are booked together on jobs. Modelling means traveling - so the girls get to go to remote places across the globe creating great opportunities for exciting and unique blog posts, with tips about the best things to see, hotels, restaurants etc.


Every month the blog is joined by a guest blogger from the industry that takes the role as 'The 4th'. So far the girls have had photographers, fellow models, stylists, TV Commercial directors, hairstylists, makeup artists, Musicians and other bloggers as their guests. Having a new blogger every month keeps the blog varied and fresh for the readers, whilst the girls keep creating their usual exciting content from their everyday experiences.

All in all THE 4 OF US is a blog that caters to a wide and ever growing audience, with the main focus being towards females. The combination of modelling, fashion, beauty, traveling and general London tips, combined with new input from a monthly guest - The blog really does have something for everyone!

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A N N A B E L L  from  G E R M A N Y

Annabell hails from Munich, the city famous for its beer festival. Being from south of Germany, she was born with skis on her feet.

She tells it like she sees it, has a scrupulous eye for detail and will always be sidetracked by a passing doggy. Annabell loves catching memories with her camera and is becoming an avid explorer. She loves getting her hands dirty for DIY projects and sometimes you'll find her on film sets, assisting in the Art Department. After working in marketing and film production, she realised that office jobs were not for her. She has her own jewellery line and sells her Bellastellas designs in shops and online. 

Moving in with her British gentleman in East London was the best step she took so far. Unfortunately her beloved ginger cat Lenny, didn`t fit in the suitcase. 

With her over 20 years of model experience, she`s now represented in London by Linden Staub and in Munich & Hamburg by Most wanted Models

Annabell is part of a super cool female freelancer collective & creative Agency called FEMALE NARRATIVES.

Instagram: @aannabell.r

Female narratives: @femalenarratives

Prost! xx Annabell

Z S A N E T T  from  H U N G A R Y

Zsanett travelled in Asia working as a model for 6 years, living in a different city every 3 months. Needless to say she's one of Hungary's very best chopstick users!

One year during her travels she decided to take a work-break and go visit London, to celebrate New Years eve. Whilst in London, she went and visited MOT Models to see if they could get her some direct bookings in between her work-travels around the world.

MOT Models convinced her to stay for just a couple of weeks to try out the agency as well as the UK market, 5 years later Zsanett is still living, working and loving the London life! Pretty awesome convincing skills from MOT Models there.

Zsanett is represented in London by MOT Models.

"Remelem tetszik az uj blogunk! :)"

Instagram: @zsanettkorosi

x Zsanett

S A R A  from  N O R W A Y

Sara works full-time as a model in London where she lives with her boyfriend Ben and their little hairball Mr T, a miniature Yorkshire Terrier to be more specific...

She's also a singer, martial arts-black belt (Nanbudo), is currently taking a business degree at The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), and represented Norway in Miss World after getting the very glamorous title 'Miss Norway', at the age of 17. Lets just say the international pageant was a slightly different experience to her time as a kickass-nanbudo kid! 

Sara is represented in London by MOT Models, in Oslo by TEAM Models and in Gothenburg by Lind Models.

"Jeg håper dere liker siden vår! Dette er et veldig spennede sammarbeid som jeg gleder meg til å jobbe videre med. Kom gjerne med tilbakemeldinger og kommentarer, også på norsk!"

Instagram: @saraskjoldnes

x Sara