What Is Reformer Pilates?

The Pilates Reformer is by far the most popular large piece of pilates equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. We still use all the same principles as mat pilates but instead of the mat we use the reformer. It's a bed like piece of apparatus which has resistance springs to make the moves harder or easier according to your motivation and goals. This is perfect if you're looking to rehabilitate the body from injury or loose weight and tone muscle. The pushing and pulling with the arms or the legs against the resistance springs will increase strength and muscle tone and balance the body. Also it helps with the mobility and range of motion of joints and give greater muscle flexibility! Along with a rocking tight core.

6 Pilates Principals


Giving fully focus attention to mind & body connection. Using the mind to muscle connection to give greater awareness to you're movement. Slow and steady wins the race, you're better to take you're time and get the correct form.


To centre yourself to create a deeper connection with your powerhouse (core) been able to harness this connection can work the muscles more effectively.


Using the precision when doing a move and remembering progression not perfection. Looking to improve each time you practice. Reap the benefits and balancing the body.


Breath is the connection between the mind and the body. Been able to use the breathe to keep focus with the movement and activate the muscles deeper.


Flow of the movements are imperative. Think graceful and elegant which will in turn give greater proprioception of your bodies movement.


Using control of the movement to work the muscles deeper. Using precision of the move and using a controlled slower pace will ensure you'll work the muscle more effective and get great results.

Bloc Reformer Private

Fancy a Private Reformer Pilates Session with James. 

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Tempo Pilates Classes

Tempo Pilates Is a comprehensive reformer pilates method to music. We use the Tempo to provide a pace which result in classes that flow, controlled and precise Mindbody movements each guided with a breath while encouraging centering and concentration.

It has a fresh, upbeat approach that’s fun, challenging and stylish that will transform your fitness classes from the hour you dread to the hour that leaves you riding high.

Fancy a group class with James: http://tempopilates.com/tempo-pilates-london-e1-shoreditch/



How you know something is trending hard on the high street? You find yourself maniacally looking for it all of a sudden. At least that's what happens to me. You see, the clever peeps of the Marketing Industry are masters of planting little seeds in your head in all kinds of ways. If they want you to buy a little red summer dress, that damn dress will be everywhere you look. The colour as well. But without it being way too much so that it gets overwhelming. They make you feel like you NEED that dress, you'll convince yourself that your wardrobe needs a little update, after all, you don't even own one yet, and you really need this colour in your life right now. So you'll end up getting it. 

So naturally I found myself looking for that cute little ruffled red midi dress with white polka dots I saw a few times on fashionistas and models. So I googled. I found the brand. It was too expensive (for me), seeing I live in London, and we had about 9 days of summer. You should know that as I'm writing this post, I'm wrapped in a blanket, like a burrito. So I ain't spending 180 quid on a dress I may only wear once or twice. So I looked further and I found a cheaper alternative. I know, horrible, I really should support the designers that put their effort into coming up with this cutie. I'm guilty. This is a whole different topic I'll get into soon tho', so let's not go down that road today. 

So! Dress has arrived, and I felt extremely satisfied. I mean. Isn't this a cutie? i feel like a little red dress has bean a real hit this Summer, makes me feel like I'm about to walk down on the streets of Cannes. Or somewhere in Spain. And with this crazy London weather, I don't know about you, but I'll grab every little reminder of Summer I'll get. Which this dress clearly is. ;)

So the original design is from Realisation Par, and the dress I ended up getting was from Floryday.


I mean. Just because I'm in a feminine dress, I still want to be super comfy. I'm known to live in my many trainers. They are just the best. I'm wearing my all white monochrome Converse pair. :)

What really makes this outfit for me, is layering gold jewellery. Gold hoop, rings, bracelet, and layers and layers of thin necklaces. Also, my wonderfully beautiful baby blue lace balcony bra from Fleur of England. Loving that soft pop of colour, very Lolita! ;)






Sooner or later you might fall in love with the wide leg trouser look for this season as well. I`ve always been wearing skinny jeans but now I found a comfy alternative: The WIDE LEG TROUSERS. I personally adore those comfortable and yet super stylish trousers, which you can combine with anything really. From sneakers, to heels, from white or black simple T-shirts to little cute blouses or even a white shirt. 

So I want to show you some casual styling options of 3 different wide trouser styles. I recently met up with a German/American photographer called `Riversideblues` in London, in some top secret locations to create nice content for our portfolios. We met luckily on a quite hot day in London where we explored some hidden corners, one of them was a secret garden. 

I'm just loving these striped pants, which I found in Hamburg whilst being there for 48 hrs. I had some time on my hands before leaving to the airport and wondered into H&M where I saw them on the hanger and bought them straight away without trying them on first. They are just extremely comfy and so easy to style - in this picture I combined them with a white body by H&M. I actually often get asked where they're from ;)



I bought those red trousers on holiday in Dubai - actually from a Spanish shop called Oysho

In summer I wear a lot of white but only if I have a tan ;) and usually I got some colourful bits to combine my white pieces with. Here I'm wearing a little cute top from brandy Melville with the red pants. Those are not only super wide and light, they also made me want to dance and swing my legs into the air :) basically they not only look good, they are also very practical. 


The blue pants are from Asos studio and are definitely one of my widest trousers. They almost look like a maxi skirt. I have to admit, when I wore them in Copenhagen for the first time, I had quite a lot of people starring at me..due to maybe quite strong winds which made the look ;)

However I do like them a lot and was able to meet up with Alex from `Riversideblues` again whilst being in Copenhagen. We went up the highest building in Copenhagen which is close to the harbour and enjoyed a stunning view with strong winds. xx Annabell

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Nails by Shoreditch Nails. Ring by Glitzbox

Nails by Shoreditch Nails. Ring by Glitzbox



Do you struggle with weak nails that breaks, chip, and never grow properly long? Then welcome to my word!

Before seeing Tina! You can see here how the tips of my nails were really dry and flaked. 

Before seeing Tina! You can see here how the tips of my nails were really dry and flaked. 

Weak nails have always been a problem for me, and trying to grow them nice and long is absolutely hopeless. Once they get to a certain length the tips starts to flake, which does not look very good. This flaking issue also makes it difficult to give my hands a nice coat of polish. The only way I have managed to keep my nails looking reasonably alright is to keep them short. This works fine of course, but who doesn’t want to have long elegant nails every now and then?

I decided it was time to see if there is anything that I could do to solve this, and stared to search for ways to strengthen weak nails. As with so many other things, what you find online is endless amounts of different opinions - and I quickly drowned in too many ‘top tips’ and online advice. Ironically I’m adding to the pile with this post now, hehe.



Follow Shoreditch Nails on Instagram: @shoreditchnails

Follow Shoreditch Nails on Instagram: @shoreditchnails

Visit Shoreditch Nails @ 13 Cleve Workshops, E2 7JD

Visit Shoreditch Nails @ 13 Cleve Workshops, E2 7JD

The very pretty manicure I was given by Tina @ Shoreditch Nails

The very pretty manicure I was given by Tina @ Shoreditch Nails

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to come and have our nails done at the cutest little salon in East London called Shoreditch Nails. Sadly I wasn’t able to make it there at the time, but Annabell and Zsanett came back from their appointment raving about this place and their talented staff. I figured that the best way to go about finding a solution for my weak nails was to actually ask an expert. I therefor contacted Shoreditch Nails, and a few days later I went to meet up with Tina who runs the salon. Tina gave me her top tips on how to strengthen nails on a budget, whilst giving me a lovely manicure at the same time.



Coconut oil from Sainsbury's

Coconut oil from Sainsbury's

Tina told me that one of the main reasons why nails gets flaky and chipped like mine, is because they are dry. Moisturising your nails is therefor highly recommended to improve this problem, and Tina told me that coconut oil is a great product to use for this.

I use coconut oil quite a lot whilst cooking, and I usually get a jar of it from Whole Foods. I did however not want to use my very nice virgin coconut oil for my hands, and decided to buy a cheap option at Sainsbury's which I’m sure works just as well :) So for the last month or so my hands have been smelling of coconut, and been very soft (and also a tad greasy :P).

Coconut oil is not the only product you can use to moisturise your nails. Any form of oil will work. I have therefor sometimes also been using this lovely all natural oil from Stripped skincare. This oil is mainly meant to be used for the face, and is absolutely amazing <3

Coconut oil is not the only product you can use to moisturise your nails. Any form of oil will work. I have therefor sometimes also been using this lovely all natural oil from Stripped skincare. This oil is mainly meant to be used for the face, and is absolutely amazing <3

I was also recommended to use the strengthener polish from OPI called Envy, as this will help improve the health of your nails. They had ran out of this polish at the salon, so I decided to check at home to see if maybe I already had a polish similar to this. I'm really trying my best to use products that I have already, before buying new stuff. Already I must have close to 50 different half empty bottles of nail polish, in all sorts of colours, and I would very much like to get some use out of them before buying more. In my pile of colours, I did indeed also find a bottle of strengthener from Sally Hansen called HARD AS NAILS. Since my meeting with Tina I have made sure to apply this several times per week, as I’m sure you can see from the almost empty bottle…



There is one more thing I decided to add here, and that is the importance of repairing your body from the inside with the help of vitamins. I didn't end up speaking with Tina about this, but it is something I decided to add to my 'nail strengthening regime'. 

Biotin, vitamin B7 and L-Lysine are all supplements that can help your body to improve protein production and therefor help with strengthening hair and nails. I know for a fact that I'm vitamin B deficient, which is quite common for many people and has been an ongoing thing for me ever since my teenage years. I have also gotten other signs of vitamin B deficiency then just my weak nails, with one of the most recent things being a sore cut on the corner of my mouth. Until recently, I had no idea that such a thing was due to lack of vitamin B. This is a completely different topic and I wont get into more details about this now, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway. So if you suffer from sore corners of your mouth, it's worth looking into the possibilities of you being vitamin B deficient - luckily this is a problem which is easily solved :) 



It has been about a month since I went to visit Tina at Shoreditch Nails, and I have tried to follow her advice as much as possible since then. I can definitely say that my nails have improved, and is now a lot less chipped and flaky. Sadly they still break quite easily, but I guess these things mainly comes down to our genes and can only be improved, not completely changed.

All in all I'm pleased with the result, and will continue to follow these simple steps to make my nails as strong as possible :)