Photo taken for World Duty Free campaign by David Cummings. Makeup by Harriet Hadfield

Photo taken for World Duty Free campaign by David Cummings. Makeup by Harriet Hadfield

We have decided to make this a 'beauty week' here on the blog and all focus will be on a different beauty products that we are trying out at the moment. We will of course also have our weekly pilates input by our lovely guest blogger James Shaw from Bloc Pilates. I (Sara) have gotten the pleasure of kicking off this beauty week and have decided to do so by sharing my thoughts on some hand but also some not so handy beauty tools. In the end of the post you will find a video review and live test of one of the products. 

Have you noticed that Facebook is spamming your feed with adverts now a days? Apparently they have some clever way of knowing exactly what you have clicked on in your online browser and are therefor able to send you very specific ads that has been specially chosen to meet your interests and needs. At one point I must have clicked on some sort of beauty-tool ad or page, as for the last year or so all I'm getting is a bunch of ads for the weirdest things - all being little tools that you can use for your face or body. So as much as I hate to buy into Facebook's manipulative advertisement, I have to admit that I have ended up buying a few of these items lately. Over the last few months I have bought three of these type of things through Facebook ads and each item has cost less than £3 - so I haven't exactly gone crazy with my spending. One of the items is for removing blackheads, second one is for reducing cellulite, and the last thing I bough is a spring to remove facial hair (you will find a video review and life test of this product at the end of this post - but be aware that it's a pretty silly one, hehe).  

I have given each item a proper try, and will give you a review of them here in this post - incase you too get these items constantly popping up on your feed and are wondering if you should buy them or not




The way I discovered these tweezers was through a video that appeared on my Facebook wall. The video was a close-up of someones face, where this tool was used to remove blackheads. It was a totally disgusting video, but it's also kind of satisfying seing those kind of things... Or am I just super weird to think that? Like, do you ever watch those videos of mega spots that are being popped, where so much yellow yuk is coming out? These type of videos always makes me feel super sick, but still I find them quite fascinating for some absurd reason. I guess I really shouldn't admit to this here for everone to read - ha! Anyway, these tweezer looked super efficient in this Facebook video, and I immediately felt like I wanted to try them out.

After about 6 weeks, they finally arrived in my postbox! I actually ordered another pair in the meantime as I thought the first pair must have gotten lost in the mail or something... But both deliveries arrived eventually, so now I have two pairs :P Unfortunately the tweezers did not in anyway live up to their expectations. It's not like I have a lot of blackheads, but I did expect the tweezers to give some sort of result at least. Sadly all it did was damaging my skin and doing noting to remove any blackheads. It is damaging enough using your nails to squeeze out these little imperfections, but the sharp edges on this tool is even worse!

It is safe to say that I do not recommend this product.  




This strange little silicone cup is meant to remove, or at least noticeably reduce the appearance of cellulites. All you need to do is cover yourself in lots of body lotion and then rub this little cup around the areas with cellulite - sounds pretty good to me! If only it worked.... I guess it was pretty naive of me to think that it would be such an easy fix.

I, like most other women have cellulite. In fact, as much as 90% of us have them according to So cellulites are extremely normal, and simply just some dimples in your skin - what is so bad abut that? Not sure why but we all seem to dislike having them, which is quite unfortunate seing that there is not much we can do to get rid of it. Why we have them has a lot to do with our genes and hormones and these are things that we can't really change. This article I found from explains all of this way better then me, so click here if you fancy a proper insight on cellulites. Seems like the best thing we can do to reduce them is by living a healthy lifestyle and by exercising - there is simply no easy way out. 


Ok, so back to this weird little suction cup. Again, I ended up buying this through a Facebook ad after seeing praises online about this product. However I never found a genuine review, only a lot of the typical payed articles. I also found several comments on Facebook from people who had just ordered the cup and was eager to try it out, in hope of it doing magic for their body dimples. As it was so cheap, I too decided to order one - and thought I could do a 'before and after' review here on the blog. Sadly my 'after' is exactly the same as my 'before' - so that would be a pretty pointless review to post :P

I used this cup on the back of my thighs every evening for 2 - 3 weeks. At first I did actually think that it was working and was excited to continue with the process. It's a pretty boring activity though, so after a couple of weeks with very little results (if any at all) - I could not be bothered anymore. So for me, this is not a product I was very impressed with. Maybe I didn't stick with it long enough... who knows!? But if any of you reads this and have actually had good results from this cup, then please let me know in the comment section and I will to make sure to persevere with this tedious thigh-rubbing exercise. 




And last but not least - the facial hair removal spring. This is the very last thing I have bought from a Facebook add and the first thing I'm actually kind of happy with. I have very fair hair, and don't really need to remove any of it from my face. Again, a bit of facial hair is super normal and I never really notice it on others. Still I have tried threading a couple of times at my local salon. I usually go there and get my eyebrows threaded and one time they asked me if I would want to thread my upper lip at the same time... so I did and I was quite shocked by he pain :P I started getting both my eyebrows and upper lip threaded once every 3 months or so, but stopped about 6 months ago. Don't know why really, guess I just forgot about it. Like I said, the facial hair doesn't bother me too much. However, now I am actually using this spring every now and again at home - and it's proven to be rather handy. 

Annabell actually filmed me whilst trying this spring out for the very first time and it has turned in to a rather comical video review, with a lot of giggling and a bit of bad language (sorry). You can watch the video here :)  




The other day we met up again with our August guest blogger, James Shaw - Pilates Teacher at Bloc Pilates. This time we chose an outdoor space, the Netil 360 Roof top bar. Luckily after all that crazy rain in London we had a super lovely and sunny hour on their roof top. We have worked with James before on some Reformer Pilates poses which we have talked about here. In this post you'll find lots of informations about MAT PILATES

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a series of exercises which can be modified and adapted so that everyone can participate. The Pilates Method was designed specifically to be performed on a mat. Joseph Pilates originally called the method Contrology, he developed mat exercises that were quite similar to the work done on Pilates large equipment like the Reformer, Cadillac. The exercises within the method were designed to challenge your muscles and joints in a verity of ways. Using the pilates principles of Control, Flow, Precision, Concentration, Breath, Centering to connect the mind to the muscle to explore the body's movement capabilities achieve a more balanced body. 

Pilates matwork can be done anywhere and with just a mat. Thus making it easy to teach in a group environment, making it more affordable way to start your pilates journey.

Get Your Core Connection 


In pilates we aim to balance the whole body, but pay special attention to our "Powerhouse" or core. The powerhouse is made up of lower abdominals, lower back, pelvic floor and glutes. You'll hear lots about you're core connection. Below is a overview about the 3 main connections used in your pilates class. These can be tough to master if your in a group environment you can be like what's your transverse connection. Take a read!

Transverse Abdominal 

Our transverse Abdominal is our innermost abdominal muscle. It connects to our spine and wraps around to the front of your body. It also attaches to our lower 6 ribs and to the top of your entire pelvis. Our Transverse Abdominal stabilises your spine and pelvis, and lifts and supports your internal organs. To engage imagine there's a string at the back of the belly button and you're drawing your navel back towards your spine. You'll maintain a light connection throughout your pilates workout.

Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is made up of muscles and connective tissue that sits under the bones of the pelvis like a hammock. If you bring your index fingers together and your thumbs together to make a triangle, this is about the size of your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles connect to the pubic bone. We hold a light connection with our pelvic floor throughout our pilates class. Your connection should feel like a lift in pubic bone area. 

Lateral Breathing

In lateral breathing, air is directed into the sides and back of the ribcage. The ribs expand outward and upward. In pure lateral breathing, the belly moves only very minimally. In combined lateral-belly breathing, the ribcage expands and the belly gently extends outward a little. Using this technique helps to maintain the above two core connections and also help puts oxygen deeper in the lower lobes of the lungs. 




Fancy a Private Reformer Pilates Session with James. 

1 SESSION: £85

5 SESSIONS: £375

10 SESSIONS: £650